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QuickBooks Error 6130

Just how to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 6130 in Minutes

Intuit® regularly releases QuickBooks updates to really make it free from errors and common bugs that appear in the application during various operations. However, QuickBooks as like other application that runs on Windows heavily relies on proper functioning of Windows components as well as its resources. If there are lots of glitches in Windows or QuickBooks settings then there you could face errors. Error 6130 is the one such error that arises while opening the organization file and blocks a user’s from accessing the business file. Error 6130 can adversely affect one's body performance, and when proper troubleshooting is certainly not performed, you can find likelihood of losing your crucial QuickBooks Company file data.


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What is QuickBooks Desktop Error 6130?
QuickBooks can be used in Multi-User mode where you could host the company file on a server, and multiple users can access it when you look at the network. When a workstation attempts to access the organization file when you look at the network in addition to file is not available or corrupt on the server then error 6130 is triggered, and QuickBooks gives a mistake message “QuickBooks is wanting to gain access to the company file but cannot contact the database server”. There are few more reasons that can cause the error 6130 to evolve in QuickBooks, and then we have listed every one of them further in the article.

What Cause QuickBooks to Display Error Code 6130
The business file that an individual is wanting to get into is corrupt.
QuickBooks Desktop on the client’s workstation is outdated, additionally the company file is made using an upgraded type of QuickBooks Desktop.
Errors into the network configuration also cause Error Code 6130 to seem from the user’s screen.
Windows firewall is preventing the QuickBooks Desktop application from accessing the desired network ports.
Outdated windows features also causes error 6130 in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Database service is an important component to perform QuickBooks in Multi-User mode and in case this service is not operating on the server then it cause error 6130 in QuickBooks Desktop.
Damaged network data and transaction log files.
Remember to install the latest updates of QuickBooks Desktop in the server as well as the client’s workstation.
Take a secure backup of one's company file before after the troubleshooting.
Install the latest updates of your Windows.

Download QuickBooks File Doctor on both workstation and server to repair any damage within the network and also the QuickBooks company file.
Troubleshooting Steps to correct QuickBooks Error 6130 Opening Company File

Troubleshooting Step One: Fix Damaged Network and Company File
For detailed instructions, follow our article on the best way to Fix Damaged Company file or Network using QuickBooks File Doctor.

Troubleshooting Step 2: Rename .ND (Network Data) and .TLG (Transaction Log) File
From Windows File Manager navigate into the QuickBooks installation folder.
Usually, the folder is situated at C:\ Users\Public \Public Documents \Intuit®\ QuickBooks\.
Try to find the files with similar name as the company file however with .ND and .TLG extension.
Right click the file and select Rename.
Add .OLD at the end of the file name, e.g. (CompanyFileOLD.TLG and CompanyFileOLD.ND).
Save the file name and open QuickBooks again to get into your company file.

Troubleshooting Step 3: Restart QuickBooks Database Service on the Server
Press Windows + R on your server computer to open up the Run window.
Type services.msc and press Enter.
From the selection of services seek out quickbooksDBXX service, (XX denotes the form of your QuickBooks Desktop software).
Find the service and then click Start from the left side panel.
You will need to open the company file now and if the problem persists and you are clearly still getting the error 6130 then stick to the next troubleshooting step.

Troubleshooting Step 4: Perform a Clean installing of QuickBooks
If none associated with troubleshooting steps helps then, our company is necessary to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop in the client’s workstation. Remember to maintain the software registration information ready with you such as the product code plus the login information, because you will require it after reinstalling the program. For detailed instructions, follow troubleshooting step 4 from our article on QuickBooks Error 6155 0.

If you're familiar with Windows troubleshooting then you can quickly be rid of error 6130 by using the troubleshooting instructions mentioned above when you look at the article but in case if you're unable to apply the clear answer and need a specialist that will help you rectify the error 6130 you'll be able to call our Desktop Helpline Number for instant support.

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