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QuickBooks POS Error 3180

QuickBooks POS Error 3180

Resolution QuickBooks POS Error 3180

Listed here errors occur when a QuickBooks Desktop A/R or A/P account was used to generate a given out in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.
Status code 3180: Status message: there clearly was a mistake when saving a General Journal transaction. QuickBooks error message: A/P detail line must have vendor.
Status code 3180: Status message: There was an error when saving a General Journal transaction. QuickBooks error message: A/R detail line should have vendor.

Regarding the Point of Sale's navigator field, click Sales History.
From the Receipt Type column, select the most recent receipt tagged as Payout.
Click I Want and select Reverse.

Re-create the Paid Out using a merchant account aside from A/P or A/R.
"Status code 3180: Status message: there was clearly a mistake when saving a Items list, element "XXXXXXXX". QuickBooks error message: The posting account is invalid. 140108 payment item lookup error "XXXXXXXX"."

To improve the Account Mapping.

Solution 1: In QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale

Through the File menu, select Preferences and click Company.
Click Accounts under Financial.
Check the Basic and Advanced tabs. Ensure the account mapping is correct.
Click Save.

Run financial exchange.
Solution 2: In QuickBooks Desktop

From the Lists menu, click Item List.
Check each Point of Sale Item when you look at the list and ensure every item is using the appropriate account.
Run financial exchange.

Solution 3: Rename and re-create each fiancial method

From the Lists menu of the QuickBooks Desktop, click Customer & Vendor Profile Lists and click Payment Method List.
Right-click the bucks method and choose Edit Payment Method.
Add the letter X when you look at the Payment Method field (XCash) and click OK.
Right-click the money method and select New.
Create an innovative new Cash method named Cash and Run financial exchange.
Rename and re-create all payment methods if required.

They are steps to repair QuickBooks POS Error 3180 and you still face problem then you can contact our experts.

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