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QuickBooks POS Error 121

Rectify QuickBooks POS Error 121- Permission Denied

QuickBooks POS Error 121 occurs when you check in with other compared to the ‘System admin.’ QuickBooks Error 121 says- ‘you don't have permission to choose the time-outs.’

QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 121 is known as as the Permission denied error therefore the error stops you from installing any updated into the software. If the user needs to install Updates, then we have to use ‘Sysadmin’ as a username& password.

What contributes to QuickBooks POS Error 121?
The error appears when someone is logged in as a ‘Guest User.’
It's going to show a pop-up message saying ‘QB Point of Sale Error 121 denies access and also you cannot have the authorization from which to choose the timeouts’.
Note: When you go to the software update section in QuickBooks Point of Sale, then search for the software update to amend the problem. Ensure to download the application and then run it regarding the server.

Answers to resolve QuickBooks Error 121
To rectify QuickBooks Error 121, you'll want to remove all data & info from the Entitlement Client folder & look for WSAactivity.xml.record. Ensure to shut Point of Sale before performing the below steps.

Close all Point of Sale Processes and Services
Firstly, Open Task Manager
Now go directly to the ‘Processes ’
Search and end the below processes:
Now close the Task Manager
Press Windows+R when you see a search window
Now enter Services.msc
When you look at the services window, search for QuickBooks Point of Sale Database Manager XXXX
Now stop the service
Shut down the ‘Services Window’.
Delete the required Files
Display hidden windows Folders
For Windows 8.1 & 8.
Press Windows Start option
Choose Control Panel
Now click ‘Appearance and’
Select ‘Folder Options’
Now click on the ‘View’ tab
Within the advanced settings, Press ‘Show Hidden files, folders, & drives.’
Click OK
Windows 7 and Vista
Right-click regarding the ‘Windows start option’ and choose ‘Open windows explorer.
Press ‘Organize’ and select ‘Folder & Search Options’
Click the ‘View’ tab
Press ‘Show hidden files and folders’
Unmark/clear the Checkbox for ‘Hide Protected Operating files’
Now Press YES on the warning message and press OK.
Windows XP
Select Tools & choose ‘Folder Options’
Press on ‘View’ tab & unmark/clear ‘Hide extensions for known file types’
Choose ‘show hidden files and folders’ & unmark ‘hide protected Operating system files’(recommended)
Press OK
Go to the below-given location as per your Operating system:
For Windows 8 and 8.1- c:\Program data\intuit\entitlement client \v8.0
For Windows 7 and vista- c:\Program data\intuit\entitlement client\ v8.0
For XP- c:\documents and settings\all users\ application data\intuit\entitlement client\v8.0
Now through the keyboard
Click CTRL+A to choose all files into the folder
Right-click and choose
Return to the location – c:\ Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks POS XX.
Now open the INI folder and delete the ‘WSActivity file.’
Open Point of Sale again & download and install Updates available.
Next, complete the registration process.
That’s all with this blog. Ensure to adhere to the aforementioned steps depending on your QuickBooks Version to eliminate QuickBooks POS Error 121. However, if you face any difficulty in amending the difficulty, then you can certainly speak to a technical expert at the QuickBooks Error Support number.

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