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Create Backup Of The QuickBooks Desktop Company File

Just how to Create a Back up of one's QuickBooks Desktop company file?

Here's how you can create a backup of this QuickBooks desktop company file:

Before you come across an issue, and lose your crucial data, it's important to use the backup associated with data. In the event that you own a mid- or small-sized business and make use of QuickBooks Desktop for your bookkeeping and accounting requirements, then the following process can assist you in creating a backup of the QuickBooks desktop company file. Creating backups of your company file can protect you against sudden data loss. In case of accidental loss of data, these backup copies function as insurance. You can make use of them to displace a backup company file.

Read on to understand how you can create a backup of your QuickBooks company file. Or you can also get in touch with our support team via our toll-free number. Call us and let our accounting professionals to produce backup associated with company file for you. Our experts should be pleased to help you.

Steps to Back up your QuickBooks Desktop company file
Backing up company file saves everything present in the company file. All of this might through the accounting data, templates, letters, logos, images, and related files (QuickBooks statement writer, cash flow projector, business planner, and loan manager). It must be noted that, backing up does not save the payroll forms. The user can back within the data, either automatically or manually. Below, we are discussing the ways where the user can make a backup company file.

Method 1: Schedule automatic backups in QuickBooks
The steps to be followed to backup the business files are as follows:

The 1st step is always to visit File and Switch to single-user mode
Change to Single-user Mode - ScreenshotSwitch to Single-user Mode - Screenshot
After which, go on to the QuickBooks file menu, select Backup Company after which Create Local Backup.
Create local backup of QuickBooks company file - ScreenshotCreate local backup of QuickBooks company file - Screenshot
Once you've the Create Backup window through to your screen, select Local Backup ad click on Options.
Change backup preferences in QuickBooks - ScreenshotChange backup preferences in QuickBooks - Screenshot
Following the Backup Options window pops up on your screen, click Browse and select a location to store the backup copy.
Inform us where to keep your backup copies - ScreenshotTell us locations to save your valuable backup copies - Screenshot
Important: It’s recommended to not save your valuable backups from the main local drive. If you utilize a file hosting service, flash drive or any removable media, select them.

After selecting the location, an individual will have to click OK button.
Regarding the current page, the user needs to read the other choices too. After which select the option that you want. Every choice is explained further on this site. Press OK when you're done.
Find out and also make a note of the time and date of this file backups to look for the files. You should use the checkbox to limit how many backup copies and place a number to cap the number of backups designed for every company. This technique will allow you to significantly in saving space in hard disk drive.
Click the checkbox Remind me to back up once I close my company file each time of course you would want to receive reminders for creating backups, set a frequency.
Always click on Options for verifying data before saving the changes. Skipping this task will make the backup process faster, but it is advised to enable it so that you receive alerts whenever damage in file is detected. Following are your options:
Complete verification (recommended)
Quicker verification
No verification
Backup options in QuickBooks - ScreenshotBackup options in QuickBooks - Screenshot
The next thing is to click on Next once the Create Backup window pops-up.
After which, choose from whether or not to save your valuable backup now, schedule future backups, or both.
In the event that you select keep your backup now – You’ll receive a prompt to select a spot for the backup file. The backup file will be saved in the location you specified. Though, you may also have a choice to pick a unique location. Next, select Save to produce the backup file.
Save it now and schedule future backups - ScreenshotSave it now and schedule future backups - Screenshot
In the event that you choose both Save it now and schedule the next backup or simply just the latter to truly save file backups when closing your file, click on the checkbox Save backup copy automatically once I close my company file box. You'll be able to decide the frequency for QuickBooks to be closed just before receive a prompt to create a backup.
backup your company file - Screenshotbackup your business file - Screenshot
To truly save backups of QuickBooks company file on a group schedule, click New to setup a backup schedule. You are able to choose to give your schedule a description, specify a location for backup, and set the days and instances when you want the backup to do.
Once the process is finished, click OK after which Finish, and you're ready to go.
QuickBooks will create a backup and schedule your future backups on top of that.

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Method 2: Manually backing within the company file
In the event that user is comfortable in backing up the company file manually, then in that case listed here steps can be carried out.

To begin with, look at the File menu in QuickBooks, and then select the Switch to Single-user Mode.
Change to Single-user Mode - ScreenshotSwitch to Single-user Mode - Screenshot
After that, proceed to the file menu yet again and then hover over the Backup Company. Along with this, choose the Create Local Backup option.
Create local backup of QuickBooks company file - ScreenshotCreate local backup of QuickBooks company file - Screenshot
The next step is to deciding on Local Backup option in the window and then hit Next.
Moving ahead, the consumer needs to click on Browse in the Local Backup Only section, accompanied by selecting the place to save the backup company file.
Create Backup in QuickBooks - ScreenshotCreate Backup in QuickBooks - Screenshot
After that, set how many backups that the user wishes to keep. It should be noted that this task just isn't a compulsion.
It is suggested into the user to create backup reminders using the choices into the on the internet and Local backup section.
Now, the user needs to run a test to ensure that the backup file is in good shape before it is saved.
After which, hit OK button.
Backup options in QuickBooks - ScreenshotBackup options in QuickBooks - Screenshot
The consumer is then required to opt for the Save it now option, along with the Next option.
Once done! you're going to get a confirmation message.

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Steps to modify the Backup settings in QuickBooks
If the user wants to find out when he/she backed within the company file, then in that case go to the File menu after which hover over the Back up Company option. After that, the consumer will see the full time and date at the top of the menu.

Adjust the Backup settings - ScreenshotAdjust the Backup settings - Screenshot
In case an individual desires to replace the backup preferences, then the below stated steps can work well:

To begin with, choose the File and hover over Back up Company. From then on go through the Create Local Backup.
The next step is to select the Options.
change the backup preferences - Screenshotchange the backup preferences - Screenshot
Also to end the method the user needs to make the changes and hit OK button.
Steps to Restore Backup settings in QuickBooks
Now that the consumer gets the backup associated with company file, then your user may use to displace the QuickBooks company file. It ought to be noted that this file has a .qbb extension at the end of the file name. The idea to be noted here is that when an individual keeps the backup company files on an external device or a hosting service like Box, then the user would be necessary to move them towards the local hard disk first before restoring.

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Winding up!
We hope you discover this blog post informative and helpful in creating backup regarding the QuickBooks desktop company file. Creating a backup of the company file is vital, in order to avoid any mess in the future. Just in case you need any assistance, you can reach us on our toll-free.

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